Septic Tanks Emptied

Septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants emptied and maintained

PD Sewerage Services has over 30 years’ experience in the industry providing a professional and high quality sewage waste collection service. The regular emptying of your septic tank is essential to ensure it continues to function at its optimum.

Why empty your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant?

Emptying your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant regularly clears all the sewage waste that has built up. As a general rule most manufacturers recommend you empty your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant annually as it should prevent your tank overflowing under normal use, increase its working efficiency, prolong the life of your tank and soakaway, and minimise the risk of your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant failing. For more detailed information specific to you tanks design, please see guidelines from the manufacturer of your tank.

Why choose us and what do we have to offer you?

  • Registered Waste Carrier, licensed with Natural Resource Wales
  • Duty of care declarations issued on collection of sewage for your records, as legally required
  • Waste is efficiently collected with our brand new vaccum tanker
  • Waste is disposed of at Welsh Water Treatment Plants
  • Difficult access sites catered for, with 40m of pipes as standard – if you require more, please mention it when booking and we will ensure we have the extra lengths you require placed on the tanker
  • All our experienced operatives hold CSCS Cards and are fully trained
  • Emergency call outs available

This service is available in Denbighshire, Gwynedd, Wrexham, Conwy and Shropshire, including:

  • Corwen
  • Llangollen
  • Bala
  • Ruthin
  • Glyn Ceiriog Valley
  • Oswestry
  • Wrexham
  • Pentrefoelas

Contact us for a free quote on 01490 430 308 or 07714 155 177.

Handy Tips: How you can prolong the life of your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant

  • Ensure the capacity of your septic tank is the correct size for your property and have it emptied regularly – for example if you have an 8 man tank, but have 12 people living at your property, then you will be over using the tank which could lead to it overflowing
  • Never pour antibacterial chemicals down your kitchen sink as it may kill all the essential friendly bacteria in your tank – killing this bacteria will lead to a build-up in sludge which could block your drain and pipes which resulting in the expense of requiring high pressure drain jetting to remove the blockage.
  • Use antibacterial soap, kitchen and toilet cleaners should be used sparingly as they could also kill the friendly bacteria in your tank
  • Look out for tree roots breaking through the side of your tank – if spotted early enough, there is better chance that we can fix your tank and may prevent you having to have a new septic tank installed
  • Never put disposable nappies, wipes, paper towels, tampons or sanitary napkins down the toilet as they will block up the outlet pipe and damage your tank
  • Try to avoid pouring grease and fatty oils down your kitchen sink as they will block your drains

Registering your Septic Tank in Wales:

If your home or property is in Wales and has a septic tank or package sewage treatment plant, Natural Resources Wales (formerly known as the Environmental Agency) requires you to register it with them. For most people this is free and it is a one-off registration. Registering is easy, and you can do it online, by post or by email. If you require help with your registration or application, you can contact Natural Resources Wales on 03708 506 506.